About Us

Co-Founded By The Broodrÿk Brothers

Iwan Broodryk with Speakers

Iwan Broodrÿk

Aerospace engineer, DIY audio enthusiast, 3D printing enthusiast, husband, father, and CEO of Deposition Sound LLC.

Waldo Broodryk

Waldo Broodrÿk

Web Designer, Developer, 3D printing enthusiast, Co-Founder & CEO of Webprints, husband, dog dad, assistant to the regional branch manager.

Our Mission & Some Other Stuff

To provide the absolute best sound experience at a budget price point using additive manufacturing for cabinet construction.

Eliminate waste (no MDF/wood off-cuts or dust), promote the decentralization of manufacturing through 3D printing partnerships, etc.

We are constantly creating! Newer, better, "funner" designs are currently in the works.

Finally, we try not to use hyperbole or overly exotic language to describe our speakers. Yes, we pursue excellence. But we are not a high-end audio company chasing the last 0.01% of sonic nirvana. Instead, we're here to promote fun, creativity, and turn people on to the joy of good audio. Hold us accountable. We welcome feedback and always strive to do what is right.