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FDM5 Loudspeakers

Developed in the summer of 2023, these 3D printed bookshelf speakers are our first attempt at properly meshing 3D printing and audio.

We believe that we hit the mark!

FDM5 Loudspeakers throw out an impressively wide soundstage and boast a warm mid-bass response. The speakers are good clean fun, but they also know how to get down and dirty. Carefully tuned to reduce listening fatigue, you'll want to enjoy these speakers over and over with their sugary sweet top end and rich lows.
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Our kits and crossovers are designed, tested, and assembled in the USA.

Crossover Design

FDM5 Crossover
PCBs Built by MTG Designs
Heavy gauge air core inductors, precision audio grade resistors, high purity metallized polypropylene capacitors, precisely machined and soldered PCB

Smooth 12dB, 2nd order filters placed at 3 kHz

Sonic profile meticulously crafted to reduce listening fatigue and extend bass without significant distortion

High Excursion Woofer

Magnesium-Aluminum Alloy Cone

Symmetric Motor Drive (SMD) technology enhances control and reduces distortion

Smooth extended response down to the 40 Hz (in room)

Soft Dome Tweeter

Compact neodymium motor

Ferrofluid enhances power handling and reduces unwanted resonance

Provides smooth and flat high frequency extension

Cabinet Design

FDM5 Enclosure
Unique configuration merges port, cabinet,
and internal bracing

Bracing is carefully positioned to mitigate low order structural resonance

Side port allows for near or on-wall placement

Technical Specifications




2-Way Bass Reflex


5" Magnesium-Aluminum Alloy Cone with Magnetic Shielded


3/4" Soft Dome with Neodymium Motor and Ferrofluid Damping

Crossover Frequency

3 kHz

Frequency Response

50 Hz - 20 kHz (±5 dB)

Box Tuning Frequency

47 Hz

Power Range

30-70 W

Nominal Impedance

8 Ω (min. 6.6 Ω)


87 dB

Weight per Speaker

7 lbs

Dimensions (H x W x D)

9.55" x 7.25" x 9.82"