Below is a list of recommended tools and accessories needed to assemble and play our 3D printed loudspeakers.

S.M.S.L A100 Bluetooth 5.0
Stereo Audio Mini Class D Amplifier

Fosi Audio BT20A Pro Bluetooth 5.0 Amplifier

GearIT 14 AWG Speaker Cable Wire with Banana Plugs

FosPower 2 RCA M/M Stereo Audio Cable

GearIT 14AWG Premium Heavy Duty Braided Speaker Wire Cable (6 Feet)

Ruthex 7X Soldering Tips/Heat-Set

Soldering Iron Kit, 80W 110V LCD Digital Soldering Welding Iron Kit with Ceramic Heater

Wagner Spraytech Heat Gun

Wirefy Crimping Tool For Heat Shrink Connectors

Kraken Bond Wow! CA Glue

IRWIN VISE-GRIP Wire Stripping Tool/Wire Cutter

HORUSDY Allen Wrench Set

Century Drill & Tool Slotted Screwdriver, 1/8" by 3"